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Why St. John’s?
St. John’s is a four-year, private, liberal arts college. The college has no religious affiliation and welcomes qualified students from every background. The college offers both merit aid and need-based aid.
The St. John’s curriculum is multidisciplinary, and students learn to think and reason in an open, collaborative manner. Classes are small (all are under 20 students), and faculty have backgrounds ranging from astrophysics to philosophy to French to zoology.

St. John’s is seeking inquisitive, curious students who welcome intellectual challenges, love to read and explore new ideas, and understand that collaborative learning in a multidisciplinary curriculum can provide an excellent education.

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St. John’s College has a renowned academic program. At St. John’s College your wide-ranging investigation of literature, political science, religion, philosophy, history, economics, physics, and psychology will be based on original works by important thinkers like Plato, Homer, Descartes, Newton, Jane Austen, Nietzsche, and Einstein. Bright, independent-minded students from across the country and around the world will be your classmates.

St. John’s College provides a full and varied campus life experience that enables you to discover and pursue many interests. From theater to creative writing, from swing dance to snowboarding -- the possibilities are endless. We even have a search and rescue team and are national champions at croquet.

St. John’s College prepares graduates to enter the world with self-confidence and skills to meet every challenge. The skills acquired at St. John’s – critical thinking, persuasive writing, and powerful speaking; ethical judgment; and rapid assimilation of knowledge, to name a few – prove desirable in every field. There’s a national network of St. John’s alumni who are eager to help you realize your post-graduate goals.

"Life on campus will be what you make of it: there are too many things to do for you to do everything, so you have to choose how to spend your out-of-class time. Dance parties on the weekends and athletics all year round are a couple of the ways I’ve found of clearing my head from everything that’s going on academically."
St. John’s ranks in the top ten among more than 1200 colleges and universities in the percentage of graduates who go on to earn a PhD in the humanities.
Both campuses offer extensive intramural sports programs and extracurricular art courses. Major clubs and activities include student government, a newspaper, a yearbook, a film society, drama groups, a literary magazine, and opportunities for community service. The Annapolis campus has easy access to boating, sailing, and crew, while the Santa Fe campus offers skiing, rafting, and rock climbing.
The 36-acre Annapolis campus is in the heart of the historic capital of Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. The city is home to both St. John’s College and the U.S. Naval Academy. Located 30 miles from Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, the campus affords students easy access to the nation’s capital and many cultural attractions.
"I had no idea how to really read before I came to the college. You can read and get the gist of a work, but especially with philosophy, you have to read carefully to hold your own in seminar. I look back at my 17-year-old self and I don’t recognize her. I have a more measured view of the world now."
"We learn to discuss imaginatively, write clearly, read closely, and question boldly. To paraphrase Scott Buchanan, co-founder of the New Program, if one were to ask, ‘What are these books written about?’ I would respond, ’They were written about you!’"
Established nearly half a century ago to expand the St. John’s student body, the Santa Fe campus has proven an ideal location for the program. From its 250 acres at the base of Monte Sol, students can look out on multiple mountain ranges. About two miles from campus lies the center of Santa Fe, NM, the oldest capital city in the nation. World renowned cultural offerings, first class restaurants and hotels attract visitors from around the world.

Additional Requirements

Secondary School Report - Please click this link to download a Secondary School Report form. This form should be completed and mailed (or delivered) to your High School.

Letters of Recommendation - Please click this link to download our Letter of Recommendation form. You will need to print and sign two copies of this form (one for each reference - two required). Sign each copy and mail (or deliver) them to your references.

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